Thursday, September 23, 2010

(out of the) studio work

In the past few weeks there has been absolutely ZERO work done in my studio. This is because all of my work is being done OUTside of the studio. Also, I have a painting studio, not too great of a place for a lot of expensive equipment. My "work" has been in a variety of forms aside from the actual taking of photographs.

So what I've done thus far is...
ordered a water housing, which arrived in NJ earlier today.
And last weekend I went back home to check out the scene at the Belmar Pro. Upon arrival, I met friend, grommet, and filmer Alex Gazonas who was there to film the Dunkelvolk team from Florida (and Brazil). I was introduced to them, and they allowed me to borrow their housing and 7D for a short session. It was my first time in the water with a housing in quite awhile, but it did nothing but amp me up for getting my own soon. The rest of the weekend was spent searching for waves, meeting people, and well maybe a few parties thrown in there. I got quite a few photos, but right now they can't be posted.

I haven't really been remembering many of my dreams lately, but at least I'm not having dreams where I'm being chased and/or can't move, like I've had in the past. Those dreams were weird and scary. I felt like my body was retarded. There was a disconnection between my brain and my appendages, and something was searching for me. Well I guess it never found me, and the pathway was reconnected.

A recent visual memory that has stuck with me was last sunday morning. My alarm woke me up at 5:30, and I snoozed until 6. I barely checked the surf on my balcony and walked down the flights of stairs, and got in my car. I was in the parking lot at Jenks by 6:30, and there were only 5 other car around. The sun hadn't broken the horizon yet, but there was a reddish glow in the sky, and a thundering ocean in the east. Still not having seen the sea yet, I slowly grabbed my camera and walked around the building and onto the beach. That was when I saw massive walls of water crashing on shore. At a spot that you normally can't see unless right on top of it. It burned red like fire, and the spray flew everywhere. One brave soldier was out, but not catching anything. It was too big, this was not the spot. I snapped a photo, and turned around and continued my search.

I still gotta get on those links.

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