Thursday, October 21, 2010

flat flat flat flat flat flat flat flat flat

Surf has been non-existent as of late. The last time I got in the water was over ten days ago, and aside from the awesome weather, the waves left much to be desired. Brought out the camera for a little sunset session.
Sunset Session
Although its been flat, i've been keeping myself busy with other types of photography. I caught two shows of my friends' band, Villains Like You over the past two weekends. Due to unfortunate circumstances the first weeks show was only performed by a duo, but the full band and friends were in attendance for a Newark show at Homegrown.
I also started my portrait project with a 'film noir' styled photo of my cousin Scott and his girlfriend Caroline in his recently purchased Lincoln Town Car.
Scott and Caroline

I started a new book the other night titled, The Wave by Susan Casey. It is a collection of research she's done about big waves from scientists, fishermen, and big wave surfers. She speaks mostly about the occurrence of rogue waves and the ironic views between surfers who search for waves, and fishermen who are inconvenienced by them.

I just tried a new recipe that I made up on the spot. Chicken and Mushroom Alfredo
Boil a pot of water with a splash of olive oil and enough balsamic water to color the water(optional, only for taste).
When water is boiling add pasta.
In another pan, splash olive oil, then pour enough alfredo sauce into pan. On top of sauce, add cooked chicken and sliced mushrooms. Heat on low.
When pasta is finished, strain, then add to pan with sauce. Heat for a few minutes, then serve.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

#3 and #14


Two of my shots were run in a recent photo feature called Almost Nicole.

Don't wanna check out the entire feature? Well here they are...
Mark Gilmartin
John Glenn